Lightening Cleanser

Lightening Cleanser


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This light cleanser is transformed in contact with water into an airy and delicate foam. Its advanced formulation with active cleansing, lightening and moisturizing ingredients like ginkgo and liquorice extract can lighten the spots, moisturize the skin and even out the complexion. It combines the softness of foam and the effectiveness of a scrub for deep cleansing and luminous skin. Ideal for removing make-up and eliminate the impurities and excess sebum so that the skin is well-prepared to receive complementary care.

In daily care: Day or night, on the face and neck, apply to previously moistened skin, lather with gentle movements and rinse thoroughly. Avoid the eye area.

In mask care: Once or twice a week, apply to the skin on the face in a thick layer then massage gently while paying particular attention to the T zone, and leave on for 5 minutes. Wet. Massage again. Rinse with clean water and dry the skin by gently dabbing with a clean towel.

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