Modified Jessner’s Peel

Modified Jessner's Peel Treatment Veribel Medical Aesthetic Centre Singapore

Modified Jessner’s Peel


Modified Jessner’s Peel is a superficial chemical peel with a combination of AHA ie lactic acid and BHA ie salicylic acid as well as kojic acid and resorcinol. It is an all-inclusive peel for skin refinement, acne management, pore management, depigmentation and wrinkle care so as to renew and improve the tone, texture and the overall appearance of the skin.

You can expect to experience a warm, tingling and mild burning sensation during the application which most customers find acceptable. After that, the skin may appear white and frosted. The whole peeling procedure takes about forty-five minutes or so. Right after the peel , the skin may continue to burn or sting for twenty minutes or more while the red swelling and stiffness may last for one to two days or so. But normally the swelling will gradually go down. Then, two to seven days after the treatment, the skin will eventually darken to a tan color and begin the peeling process which may range from redness, flaking and mild stinging. When the skin is back to normal, it is usually ten to fourteen days after the treatment.


Indications and Treatments

  1. Exfoliate dead skin cells
  2. Promote skin metabolism
  3. Even out the skin tone
  4. Improve the skin texture
  5. Reduce sebum
  6. Unclog the pores
  7. Shrink the pores
  8. Relieve acne-prone skin
  9. Reduce acne marks
  10. Reduce acne scars
  11. Prevent acne breakouts and further acne scarring
  12. Anti-bacteria
  13. Anti-inflammation
  14. Diminish pigmentation
  15. Induce collagen remodeling
  16. Smooth fine lines and wrinkles