Synvisc One Treatment Veribel Medical Aesthetic Centre Singapore


SYNVISC-ONE®, the FDA and CE approved hyaluronic acid knee joint fluid supplement for injection, can effectively reduce the impact of degenerative knee arthritis on your daily life. Years of activity and pressure cause damage to the cartilages between joints and the joint fluid will be lost with age. The function of shock absorption and lubrication of joint fluid is then weakened, causing friction between the bones. This can lead to damage and inflammation of the cartilage, causing redness, swelling and pain in the knee joints. As time passes by, the pain will intensify and the knees will become stiff, affecting daily life and posing psychological stress.

The USA-made SYNVISC-ONE® can be used as a joint fluid supplement for injection. Its active ingredient with high molecular weight, Hylan-GF 20®, is extracted from rooster crests. The structure of Hylan-GF 20® is very similar to that of the knee joint fluid of young people, making it very effective in replacing the lost knee joint fluid, lubricating the joints, protecting the cartilages, relieving pain and improving joint mobility. It can also slow down and relieve degenerative knee arthritis and thus the dosage of pain reliever and anti-inflammatory drugs can be reduced and the knee joint replacement surgery postponed. With SYNVISC-ONE® injected, you can lead a painless life and go anywhere at ease! The sooner the patients with degenerative knee arthritis are replenished with SYNVISC-ONE®, the better results they can achieve.

*Disclaimer: The results of the treatment vary from person to person and are influenced by personal health state, dietary habits, self-management and frequency of treatments etc. Veribel will not bear any responsibilities for the treatment results.